SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Eight

The changing weather in Autumn often makes me wonder about the weather people in other parts of the world are experiencing at this time of year, and what better way to satisfy my curiosity than to travel to another country and find out myself?

I head on over to People and Places to decide on my next destination and Vietnam, with its green landscapes, giant palm trees, and expansive fields catches my eye. By the looks of these photo it seems as though summer lasts all year! Surely though they wouldn’t be so lucky….I guess there is only one way to find out!

Before I begin my adventure I log on to Insta-Class to practice my Vietnamese. Did you know they have 570 ready-to-use lessons in Vietnamese alone? The lessons vary by skill level- beginner, intermediate, advanced, and superior. There is something for everyone!

Once I am feeling confident in Vietnamese I log on to Foreign Text on SCOLA’s Mobile App for some light reading material. Foreign Text offers over 160 newspapers and magazines from Vietnam, including Joke Village, Chuyen Doi, and much more.

My next step isn’t to make my luggage or wait for hours at airport security- I simply have to log on to On the Street Videos to begin my international adventure! Like I mentioned earlier, on this adventure I want to learn about the different seasons in Vietnam, so my first stop once I arrive is to chat with some of the locals about summer and the different activities people in Vietnam enjoy during the summer season. We then chat about the new school year, Autumn, and the Autumn Festival. I learn how their seasons differ compare to my own.

Remember earlier how I mentioned the green fields and giant palm trees I found in People and Places? I must learn about those on my trip to Vietnam, so my next stop is to chat with some locals about native animals, specifically flowers and local fruits, found in Vietnam.

It’s time to return to the cool fall weather, until my next adventure…Check back next week to find out where On the Street Videos takes me next!

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