SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Eighteen

Scrolling through newspapers on Foreign Text I have to pause and do a double take when I see Georgia listed as a country. Georgia? A country? But that can’t be right…Georgia is a state in the southern United States! I must research this further so I head on over to Country Overview Videos under the Language Training Materials. Here I learn that Georgia is also the name of a country in Europe. I also learn about Georgia’s climate, education system, government, and much, much more! However, as we have learned in the past through SCOLA On the Street Videos, what better way to learn about a country than to experience it?

I don’t have to waste any time searching for my passport or packing my bags, as soon as I log on to On the Street Videos I am on my way to Georgia! The first thing that catches my eye as I arrive in Tbilisi is a flower bazaar. There are so many different kinds of flowers, with florists working hard to make bouquets for their customers. It would be a shame to return from my trip without a souvenir, so I buy a dozen roses and continue on my way.

My next stop in Georgia is a history museum. Since I was completely unaware of this country until today, I’d like to know about the country’s past. I meet with Mrs. Tamar Abunadze and Mrs. Ekha Maizuradze, both employees of the history museum. While talking to the women I learn about the Khazbegi region, a mythological story about Sameba, and about the life of Georgian Queen Tamar.

As I head home from this adventure with On the Street Videos, I am feeling very enlightened! Waking up today I never thought I would be exploring a country that was completely new to me! I can’t wait to continue my adventures with SCOLA On the Street Videos next week!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Nine

Early one Friday morning I was watching World TV Online Channel 8 and thinking to myself, what it would be like to live in another country? I have been wondering this a lot lately, with all the traveling I have been doing. I think on my next adventure I will find out what it would be like to live in another country…where would I live? What would I eat?

The program switches from “Watan” out of Turkmenistan to “Tirana Reporting” out of Albania. Albania….now there’s a country you don’t hear a lot about! I think I have found my next destination! I continue watching the program and then watch past shows on to learn more about Albania and its culture.

I watch some news and various other TV programs in Albanian and my excitement for this next journey continues to grow. I log on to On the Street Videos and start my new journey. The first step to figuring out what it would be like living in another country is to discover where I could live. I find a real estate agent and visit her office to find out about the real estate market in Albania. She tells me about an apartment for sale with three bedrooms, two balconies, and plenty of natural light. The apartment is in a prime location, priced per square meter and comes with many amenities such as an entertainment center and a mini bar!

My next order of business on experiencing what it would be like to live in Albania is to figure out what sort of food I would be eating. I meet some locals and learn four new recipes…two of which are cake! What’s not to like? The recipes I learn are for a poppy seed roll with cheese, a recipe for a kifle roll with cheese, and I learn how to prepare a chocolate cake and a no bake plasma cake. It’s a good thing I don’t even have to leave the couch to travel back home because my stomach is too full to move!

Experiencing a few aspects of life in Albania definitely interested me, but I still have so much more of the world to see! So for now, I am going to stay where I am at and continue my international adventure from the comfort of my own home with SCOLA On the Street Videos!

Check back next week to see where my next adventure takes me!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Three

Where will SCOLA take me next? The Philippines and Peru, the two countries I have traveled to so far with SCOLA, will be hard to beat. However, I know there are many other places to experience, so I log on to to see what else it has in store for me.

Once again my first stop is People and Places. I enjoyed the warm weather in the Philippines and Peru, but now I think it is time for a change. I type in ‘snow’ into the convenient search bar in People and Places and scroll through the results. The one place that keeps catching my eye is Nepal. The majestic, snow capped peak of Mount Everest is captivating! While I know I would never have the courage to climb the famous mountain, the surrounding scenery and climate are just what I am looking for.

Summer recently ended and I am busy with classes, but I can conveniently use SCOLA Mobile Apps wherever I am! I use my phone to play over 200 broadcasts from Nepal on International Radio, close my eyes, and relax as I imagine myself driving through Nepal listening to the radio. I now feel ready to take on Nepal as I have experienced the beauty of their landscapes, and immersed myself in their culture with over 60 cultural radio broadcasts.

Shaking with anticipation I log on to On the Street Videos and begin my adventure. My first stop in Nepal is a visit with a local family about education in their country. Since I myself just started classes again, it makes me curious to see if other people in the world have resumed classes, what courses they study, and what they think about their country’s education system. I am able to talk with SCOLA provider Sharmila about the education system in Nepal, and experience what daily life is like for two young school boys.

I am on vacation though, so I can’t spend all my time thinking about school! Next, I discover the Nepal Tourism Board for some tips on exploring this beautiful country. As I explore temples and experience the rich Buddhist culture of Kathmandu Valley, I think about how lucky I am to be able to explore the world with SCOLA On the Street Videos. I know I must spread the word about the adventure SCOLA brings and make everyone aware of the opportunities they have to access a free trial! Visit today for yours!

I conclude my travels through Nepal with an experience in Panni Culture and a Children’s Recital. Though my journey in this country was short, it was a wonderful experience that I will not soon forget! I can’t wait to see where my travels take me next!

Check back next week to travel along to the fourth destination on my journey with SCOLA!

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