SCOLA Travel Journal: Day One

Check back every week to hear all about the adventures you can take when you join SCOLA!

I’ve just signed up for a SCOLA subscription and can’t wait to begin my international adventure! SCOLA has authentic resources from around the world that allow me to travel to foreign countries…right from the comfort of my own home! As I begin my journey, I figured this blog would be a great place for you to keep up with me.

My first stop on the SCOLA website was People and Places…what better way to figure out my first destination than to browse original pictures from SCOLA providers? As I flipped through the online gallery of over 29,000 pictures I saw visitors touring the World Peace Pagoda in Myanmar, people in Spain watching a Carnaval parade, and animated children playing in Uganda. But what caught my eye were the photos from the Philippines. Over 3,000 photos of beautiful beaches, smiling faces, and delicious food! I knew right away it was the perfect location to begin my adventure.

Okay, so I had my first destination picked out, but other than what I had seen in the photos on People and Places I knew very little about the country! I once again logged on to where I had access to over 8,700 resources from the Philippines! I watched daily television programs on World TV Online, listened to radio broadcasts on International Radio, brushed up on my Tagalog with Insta-Class, and then expanded my knowledge of Filipino languages with Specialized Word Video Search.

I was officially ready for my international adventure! Stay tuned to learn all about my first destination with On the Street Videos: the Philippines!

15 Reasons to Follow SCOLA on Pinterest

With the popularity of social networking sites in many people’s everyday lives, SCOLA knows how important it is to stay up to date on the latest social media trends. Most recently, SCOLA has been keeping fans up to date with our Pinterest profile. Pinterest allows users to “pin” photos and websites and come back to them at a later date. The website also allows users to categorize their pins with titles and descriptions so their followers can decide which board they would like to be updated on.

PP-IQ-Computer WorkerSCOLA currently has 15 boards for Pinterest users to follow. Our first board, titled SCOLA Services and Updates contains pins about our 12 SCOLA services and how subscribers can use them. SCOLA Services and Updates also informs followers when new languages and material are added to our services. For example, a link to a blog post about new beginner level language lessons in Insta-Class was recently shared. On the SCOLA Services and Updates Board you can also find our monthly newsletter and even a sneak peek of our new service, Savoir-Vivre.

Our next board, titled SCOLA Friends and Providers, takes you behind the scenes to introduce you to the people who bring you our authentic resources. Meet Julye, a Spoken Word native speaker from Peru, or Karima, a SCOLA provider from Morocco who has been working with us for over six years! Learn about our providers on Pinterest and then contact us for a free trial to see all of the wonderful work they do.

Follow any of our eight Country of the Month boards to travel around the world with SCOLA. From Morocco in May to our current Country of the Month Kazakhstan, learn vocabulary words, international recipes, and much more from around the globe.

Our board titled Facebook Photo Challenges updates Pinterest users with the fun, interactive posts we share with our Facebook users. Follow this board to search for Bakhtiyar, and participate in caption contests.

USTTI at SCOLA shares with followers the education USTTI participants received and the activities they participated in. Learn more about our USTTI training course here.

Our most recentĀ  board is International Recipes. This board contains a sample of the traditional recipes providers have shared with us. Follow the board and subscribe for Savoir-Vivre and never have to worry about having the same old thing for dinner again!

SCOLA is also part of two public Pinterest boards: French Learning and Spanish Learning. The boards are a place for language lovers and educators to share their favorite language resources.

In addition to Pinterest, SCOLA is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Pinterest is a great resource for busy people who need new ideas and resources, but perhaps don’t have a lot of free time to research new material. Pin now, and then contact us about your free trial when you have time!