Traditional Thai Herbs

Today our provider Miki from Thailand tells us about the importance of natural therapy and herbs in her country:

Natural therapy and herbs from China are very famous throughout the world, however the ones in Thailand are also very popular with tourists and local people. Compared with Chinese herbs, Thai herbs have milder smells and they also work as healing therapy. Furthermore, they work closely with Thai food and desserts. For example “Tom Yum Kung”, a famous and well known Thai soup, has essential herbs including galangal, which is a type of ginger and is good for inflammation of the nose and throat. The dish also includes lemon grass, a remedy for coughs, colds, and fevers. The kaffir lime leaves have citrus notes and give a distinct flavor to Tom Yum Kung Soup. Thai food is not only enjoyable, it is also beneficial to our health. However, there are so many westernized dietary habits that have been adopted in Thailand that is strongly affecting the younger generation and causing obesity.

Herbs are also used in traditional Thai massages. Thai massages are done for relaxation and to help relieve tension. Herbal Ball is a treatment that uses round balls of special herbs. It is used to relieve aches and pains of the body, and it is good for alleviating pain or inflammation.

As you can see by the examples above, Thai herbs are taking root in our daily lives and we can use them easily in food and to alleviate mental stress. When you visit Thailand, please remember to enjoy Thai herbs beyond just sightseeing!

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