Behind the Scenes- Meet Karima.

As the month of May comes to an end I would like to introduce you to Karima, one of SCOLA’s many providers. Karima was especially helpful this month with the information she provided because it allowed SCOLA to launch a Country of the Month on our social media websites.

Karima was born and raised in Agadir City, MorocSAMSUNGco. She received her bachelor’s degree in Experimental Sciences in 2005 and then went on to study at the Specialized Institute of Applied TSAMSUNGechnology (ISTA). In 2007, she received a diploma in Computer Development studies from ISTA. In the two years after she received her diploma ¬†Karima trained at five different companies in the following areas: computer graphics, website creation, and computer hardware maintenance. ¬†Shortly after, Karima became a SCOLA provider for her country of Morocco.

Karima enjoys learning languages such as French, Spanish and Turkish. She also likes theater, sports, music, and drama films. Out of her many hobbies cooking and presenting in front of the camera are her favorite. Karima has provided SCOLA with a lot of information to share with our subscribers and we appreciate the material she sends.

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