Behind the Scenes: Meet Karel

This monKarel Mejzlikth SCOLA is thankful for our provider Karel Mejzlik. Karel spent a lot of time creating material for the November Country of the Month, the Czech Republic.

Karel was born in Slovakia and went to school in Prague and studied in Canada and Spain. He graduated from Anglo-American University Prague in 2005 and began his career as a teacher. He has worked at high schools and language schools, and currently he teaches the Spanish language and Hispanic culture in Prague. Along with teaching, Karel is also in a master’s program in Spain, at the University of Menendez Pelayo, Santander. The program is a two year summer intensive program.

For Karel, SCOLA is a family project. Karel and his father have been working at SCOLA for two decades! When Karel was 13 years old, Karel’s father began working for SCOLA through a German friend that was living in Prague. When his father was busy with his consulting company, Karel took charge of preparing material for SCOLA. His mother also works with SCOLA when Karel is out of town for school events.

Karel says “It has been a great pleasure to be a part of SCOLA all these years, and looking forward to the future.” We are happy to have providers such as Karel that can give us authentic resources for SCOLA users to enjoy.

Check back Monday for our December Country of the Month!

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Where’s Bakhtiyar?

For some people, the iresizedea of traveling alone might sound like an experience they would rather avoid, but for adventurous Bakhtiyar it is just an ordinary day. Bakhtiyar is a young boy from Uzbekistan who travels the world exploring a different country each month. Bakhtiyar’s adventure began when his father Askar started sending us material for our July 2013 Country of the Month, Uzbekistan. When Bakhtiyar found out that SCOLA subscribers were experiencing a new country each month he wanted to do the same!

Bakhtiyar’s travel itinerary follows the SCOLA Country of the Month. He began his journey in Nepal, where he joined a group of women planting paddy and singing Ropai songs.  After Nepal, Bakhtiyar made his way to the Philippines and even had enough free time to check out Christmas decorations for sale in Roosevelt markeresizedt. Just last week he arrived at his current destination, the Czech Republic where he was recently spotted at a monastery in the woods.

Bakhtiyar loves seeing the sights and meeting new people on his trip, but the main goal of his travels are that SCOLA subscribers are able to enjoy and learn from his adventures. Following Bakhtiyar’s adventures allows us to visit people and places we may never have the opportunity to experience.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet Abhishek

This month, SCOLA fans were able to learn about Indonesia as our Country of the Month. Our SCOLA Indonesian provider Kumar Abhishek taught us a word of the month in his native language,me and jyoti 2 shared authentic Indonesian recipes, and sent many unique pictures to teach us about his country and culture.

abhishek22 Kumar Abhishek was born in Indonesia on July 1st, 1979. He is married to Jyoti Yadav and they have two children, Gyan Singh and Sandhan Singh.

Abhishek began working for SCOLA in 2006. When he first started working with SCOLA he provided material for India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Myanmar, Uganda and Tanzania. He also works on SCOLA Insta-Class where he provides work for Bengali and Hindi language lessons.

SCOLA is very grateful for the work Kumar Abhishek has provided so far, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Check us out online to learn about our next Country of the Month: the Czech Republic!

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