What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

In just a few short weeks many people around the world will begin celebrating Christmas- a holiday that is a favorite of many. Christmas isn’t celebrated in every country though, so today Somayeh, our provider from Iran, tells us about her favorite holiday in her country:

“Nowrooz or Nowruz (Persian: (نوروز is my favorite holiday. It means “The new day”. Nowrooz begins the first day of Spring and lasts for thirteen days. It is the start of the Persian Year. There are a lot of rituals before, during, and after this holiday. These rituals include spring cleaning or Khouneh Tekouni (literally means “shaking the house”), purchasing new clothes to wear for the New Year, visiting friends and family, and much more. In Nowrooz everything is new, everyone is happy and laughing, and people are kind. It seems that spring brings the sense of freshness. Nowrooz is my favorite holiday because it’s a new beginning.”

Want to tell us about your favorite holiday? Comment below!

Learn more about holidays around the world on Savoir-Vivre, coming soon to SCOLA!

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Celebrate the Holidays with SCOLA!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, the SCOLA Christmas Open House is almost here! Join SCOLA in celebrating the holidays on Friday, December 12th from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Enjoy holiday cheer and delicious treats prepared especially for you by SCOLA employees!

The Christmas Open House is a fun way for our family and friends, and for the people of McClelland, Iowa and surrounding areas to experience the international work that is going on next door! While you’re here take a tour of the SCOLA campus and learn about the work SCOLA performs and the services we offer.

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