Behind the Scenes: Meet Franciszek

franek_matysikFebruary was spent traveling around Poland for our Country of the Month. Our Polish provider Franciszek shared with us traditional Polish food, let us experience the cold winter weather in his country, and much more!

Franciszek’s adventure started with SCOLA a few years ago when he was asked about programming in his language. With SCOLA he found that the programs broadcast in his country were of interest to viewers around the world.

Over the years, cooperation between Poland and SCOLA have grown with Franciszek sending in more and more material. He appreciates the work he does with SCOLA and all the employees. He enjoys his partnership with SCOLA that allows him to share Polish programming with people around the world.

Follow along with our next Country of the Month: Germany!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Twenty-Two

This week my travels with On the Street Videos take me back to Asia, to the beautiful country of Japan! Why Japan might you ask? Well, I haven’t been to Asia in a few weeks and I wanted to try something new. Plus, SCOLA has over 3,180 authentic resources straight from Japan, so I knew I would be able to learn everything I needed to know about the country before traveling there.

Before I begin my adventure on SCOLA, I first want to learn a little bit about the country I am going to be exploring. I take a quick stop at Country Overview Videos inside Language Training Materials to explore what Japan has to offer. Here I find some basic facts that I already know, like that Japan is a country of islands along the eastern, or Pacific coast of Asia. I also learn some things about Japan that I never knew before, like that the koto is one of the most popular Japanese traditional musical instruments.

Now that I know a little about the country I will be traveling to, let’s discover what’s going on in Japan today. To do that, we just need to log on to World TV Online and Foreign Text. World TV Online plays Morning Eye News from Tokyo every weekday at 11 a.m., and you can also catch JETRO Business programming from Tokyo on Sundays at 2:35 p.m. ¬†As if that’s not enough to learn about current events in Japan you can also long on to Foreign Text to peruse over 930 publications, including books, newspapers, and more!

Okay, okay, enough learning about Japan, let’s experience it! I log on to On the Street Videos and quickly realize all that learning made me hungry! My first adventure in Japan is visiting a local and learning how to make a traditional Japanese sushi roll. I gather my ingredients which include rice, seaweed paper, cucumbers and more, and begin the process. Once we are finished with the dish and my stomach is full I am ready to continue my journey.

Next I have a little fun and attend a light festival in Japan. The night is lit up with beautiful, colored lanterns, and music fills the air. The experience pulls me away from my living room and I really feel as though I am in Japan. It’s time to head home though, and soon I am back on my couch where I started. Don’t worry- this adventure isn’t over! Join me next time as I travel the world with On the Street Videos!

Do you want to travel with On the Street Videos? Access your free trial today at!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Twenty-One

Israel is a country we often hear about in the news, but don’t you ever wonder about their side of the story on current events and news topics? Is it different than what our newspapers and TV programs are reporting? You could always visit Israel to find out for yourself, but what if you don’t have the time and resources? No need to worry, I have the perfect solution for you: SCOLA of course! With SCOLA On the Street Videos I can visit over 95 countries, including Israel!

I know that before I start my journey I need to refresh my Hebrew skills so I can communicate with the locals. I head on over to Insta-Class, a quick resource for ready-to-use multi-media language lessons that are produced by language experts around the world exclusively for SCOLA. Practicing my Hebrew with over 420 beginner, intermediate, and advanced language lessons sure beats sitting in a classroom!

PP-IL-Sefat Traveller's SignI’m almost ready for my adventure, but first I get caught up on Israel’s current events with World TV Online. World TV Online broadcasts news and various television programming in Hebrew from Jerusalem on Channel Six, so you can hear news about current events exactly as people living in Israel hear it. Now I have refreshed my Hebrew skills and I am caught up on the news from Israel, I am ready for my adventure!

I log onto On the Street Videos and my first mission in Israel is to do some exploring through Old City streets and Temple Mount. The tour through ancient and historical places was a great first impression of the country that I previously knew little about.

My second stop in Israel is to chat with a local woman about the educational system in Israel. I learn about the common educational experience a person in Israel has, starting at age three and often lasting until the age of thirty if one chooses to attend the university to obtain the highest possible degree. I always find it interesting to see the differences in education in the countries I visit.

My last stop in Israel is to chat with another local woman about her daily life as an artist and mother. She is able to offer a different perspective on life in Israel, as opposed to the life of the student that I discovered earlier.

And with that, my time in Israel is over. It’s time to head back to the real world, and a few seconds later I am back home on my couch. Begin your own adventure to Israel with your free trial on, and be sure to check back soon to join me on my next international journey!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Twenty

Have you accessed your free trial to yet? If so, you may have noticed all the material available from Pakistan on Foreign Text! There are over 1,900 newspaper publications and over 30 magazine issues! Wow! I could read this stuff all day, but what better way to learn about Pakistan than experience it myself? I know just the place I need to go to begin my quick adventure to Pakistan, but before I do that I better find out what I am getting myself into with World TV Online!

World TV Online plays international television programming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. News from Islamabad in Urdu is available every weekday on Channel Six. I quickly discover all the news and current events that I missed when browsing papers and magazines on Foreign Text.

After reading Foreign Text and watching World TV Online, I am ready for my adventure with On the Street Videos! My first adventure in Pakistan is to chat with the Tribal Chief from the remote Balochistan Province. I discover how tribal chiefs in Balochistan are selected and how they govern their territory.

My next stop in Pakistan is to learn about Pakistan’s climate and explore what the weather is typically like this time of year. Where I live the weather has been cold with lots of snow, so if there’s is warmer I might consider taking a trip there for real! Unfortunately, I realize the winter weather in Pakistan is still cold, with snow falling, frozen lakes, and freezing lakes. Looks like I’ll have to choose a different destination to cure my winter blues!

My third and final stop in Pakistan is to talk with the locals about music in Pakistan. The locals and I both agree that music is important because it is a language that is understood throughout the world. In Pakistan, there are many forms and kinds of music, including classical, rock, pop, and more. Everyone has their own choice of what kind of music to listen to and Pakistani singers are famous for their command and understanding of the art of music.

Well, it’s time to head home. I’m back sitting on my couch in no time at all. I’ll be going on my next adventure soon, so don’t forget to log on to and access your free trial so you can join me next time!

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