Behind the Scenes: Meet Julye

This month SCOLA providers traveled to Peru for our Country of the Month. Our provider Julye acted as our tour guide as she taught us how to make traditional Peruvian cuisine, and showed us theJulye Huerto sights in Lima, Peru.

Julye was born on April 9th in Huánuco, Peru. She is 25 years old and has a degree in Business Administration.

Julye began working foJulye Huerto 2r SCOLA about 3 years ago. Julye says she was happy to begin working for SCOLA so she could acquire knowledge and share her knowledge of her language and her country’s delicious food, tourist attractions, and culture. She was also happy to share her knowledge of Spanish (Peru’s official language), Quechua, and other dialects. Julye says she has had fun working for SCOLA and hopes to continue sharing and acquiring knowledge.

Check us out online to see where the Country of the Month takes us next!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Ten

Do you follow SCOLA on YouTube? If not, you should! They are always posting awesome videos like Puppet Time With SCOLA, Country of the Month videos, and most recently, scary videos from their new Freaky Friday series! My favorite SCOLA YouTube videos though are the ones from China. I have read before about the great relationship SCOLA has with China Yellow River Television in Taiyuan, Shanxi, and I have always wanted to visit this beautiful country!

It may come as a shock to some that even with all the authentic resources SCOLA has from China on its YouTube page they have even more authentic resources on their website! A quick search for China on brings up almost 6,000 resources!

Usually when I travel with On the Street Videos I like to get a first hand perspective at how the locals live. Whether I am checking out the real estate market in Albania, discussing social issues with locals in the Philippines, or experiencing the daily life of a worker in Afghanistan, I have yet to visit a country and see it from a tourists point of view. Where better to be a tourist than China?

I log on to People and Places and take a look at the Landmark and Landscape category. I start making a list of places I want to visit: the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square…the list goes on and on!

Next I log on to SCOLA Learning Objects to brush up on my Chinese. The self-contained language lessons are geared toward independent study, which makes it easy for me to go at my own pace. I am anxious to start my adventure so I fly through the quizzes over comprehension, culture, and language. Just a few lessons on Learning Objects and I feel prepared for my next adventure.

To start my journey I log on to On the Street Videos. My first stop in China is Beijing where the excitement from other tourists almost feels contagious! I snap photos, make people take my picture in front of famous landmarks, and get a little lost…I’m starting to enjoy this!

While in Beijing I stop at one of the first landmarks on my list- Forbidden City. I take a tour of the palace and learn about its history and importance to the Chinese people. After exploring the Forbidden City I am off to the second item on my list- the world famous Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China looked great in the photos on People and Places, but in real life it is breath taking! I hop in a car on the sky lift and see the Great Wall from above. My last stop before my adventure must come to an end is Tiananmen Square. I tour the square and learn about its history and the famous protests and demonstrations that ended in tragedy in 1989.

My adventure in China must come to an end, but with almost 6,000 authentic Chinese resources on you can be sure I’ll be back for a visit.

Check back next week to see where my next adventure takes me!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Nine

Early one Friday morning I was watching World TV Online Channel 8 and thinking to myself, what it would be like to live in another country? I have been wondering this a lot lately, with all the traveling I have been doing. I think on my next adventure I will find out what it would be like to live in another country…where would I live? What would I eat?

The program switches from “Watan” out of Turkmenistan to “Tirana Reporting” out of Albania. Albania….now there’s a country you don’t hear a lot about! I think I have found my next destination! I continue watching the program and then watch past shows on to learn more about Albania and its culture.

I watch some news and various other TV programs in Albanian and my excitement for this next journey continues to grow. I log on to On the Street Videos and start my new journey. The first step to figuring out what it would be like living in another country is to discover where I could live. I find a real estate agent and visit her office to find out about the real estate market in Albania. She tells me about an apartment for sale with three bedrooms, two balconies, and plenty of natural light. The apartment is in a prime location, priced per square meter and comes with many amenities such as an entertainment center and a mini bar!

My next order of business on experiencing what it would be like to live in Albania is to figure out what sort of food I would be eating. I meet some locals and learn four new recipes…two of which are cake! What’s not to like? The recipes I learn are for a poppy seed roll with cheese, a recipe for a kifle roll with cheese, and I learn how to prepare a chocolate cake and a no bake plasma cake. It’s a good thing I don’t even have to leave the couch to travel back home because my stomach is too full to move!

Experiencing a few aspects of life in Albania definitely interested me, but I still have so much more of the world to see! So for now, I am going to stay where I am at and continue my international adventure from the comfort of my own home with SCOLA On the Street Videos!

Check back next week to see where my next adventure takes me!

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Want To Go To School In Peru? Read This First!

Our provider Julye teaches us what school is like for students in Peru from childhood to adulthood:


Early Education

Children must attend preschool for three years, they must be between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

Primary Education

When a child reaches six years of age, they should attend primary school starting with first grade sixth grade. The Primary Education level lasts six years.

Secondary Education

When a child reaches 12 years of age, they begin their secondary education at freshman year. Secondary education lasts five years and most students complete this level around 16 or 17 years of age.

Alternative Basic Education

Alternative Basic Education is the responsibility of the Directorate General of Alternative Basic Education (DIGEBA). Alternative Basic Education (ABE) serves youth and adults as well as adolescents in school that are at least 14 years old. In Alternative Basic Education studying is combined with work. It consists of four courses of study, every eight months. The first cycle is equivalent to 1st and 2nd grade middle school, the second cycle is equivalent to the third grade of secondary, the third cycle is equivalent to the fourth grade of secondary and the fourth cycle is equivalent to the 5th grade of secondary. Alternative Basic Education is aimed at students who could not complete their education for various reasons.

Special Basic Education (EBE)

Special Basic Education has an inclusive approach and serves children and youth with different learning disabilities. It is a program that provides specialized educational services for prevention, detection and care for children under 6 years old. Special Basic Education also offers support and advice on inclusive educational institutions.

Higher Education or Technical Education

Higher education and technical education can be carried out in a university or institute of higher education. Most higher education and technical education programs last around 5 years, depending on which kind of education you want to receive. Typically, for technical careers the education lasts three years, and for academic careers the education lasts six years.

The average age to complete all academic degrees in Peru is about 24 years of age.

Currently in the competitive workplace, people choose to continue their education and take refresher courses, obtain their master’s degrees, and earn other qualifications.

Now that you have learned about the education system in Peru, does it sound like somewhere you would like to attend school? How does the education system in Peru compare to that of your country? Are they similar?

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Eight

The changing weather in Autumn often makes me wonder about the weather people in other parts of the world are experiencing at this time of year, and what better way to satisfy my curiosity than to travel to another country and find out myself?

I head on over to People and Places to decide on my next destination and Vietnam, with its green landscapes, giant palm trees, and expansive fields catches my eye. By the looks of these photo it seems as though summer lasts all year! Surely though they wouldn’t be so lucky….I guess there is only one way to find out!

Before I begin my adventure I log on to Insta-Class to practice my Vietnamese. Did you know they have 570 ready-to-use lessons in Vietnamese alone? The lessons vary by skill level- beginner, intermediate, advanced, and superior. There is something for everyone!

Once I am feeling confident in Vietnamese I log on to Foreign Text on SCOLA’s Mobile App for some light reading material. Foreign Text offers over 160 newspapers and magazines from Vietnam, including Joke Village, Chuyen Doi, and much more.

My next step isn’t to make my luggage or wait for hours at airport security- I simply have to log on to On the Street Videos to begin my international adventure! Like I mentioned earlier, on this adventure I want to learn about the different seasons in Vietnam, so my first stop once I arrive is to chat with some of the locals about summer and the different activities people in Vietnam enjoy during the summer season. We then chat about the new school year, Autumn, and the Autumn Festival. I learn how their seasons differ compare to my own.

Remember earlier how I mentioned the green fields and giant palm trees I found in People and Places? I must learn about those on my trip to Vietnam, so my next stop is to chat with some locals about native animals, specifically flowers and local fruits, found in Vietnam.

It’s time to return to the cool fall weather, until my next adventure…Check back next week to find out where On the Street Videos takes me next!

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SCOLA Travel Journal: Week Seven

With all of the amazing places I have traveled to lately, I feel pretty well educated in a variety of languages, so instead of first going to People and Places to choose a destination by the way it looks, I log on to Insta-Class to browse the available languages and choose one I haven’t learned. Wow! There are over 360 lessons in Uzbek from Uzbekistan! I think I have found the destination for my next adventure…

Insta-Class lessons are great for independent study and I practice Uzbek with intermediate, superior, and advanced language lessons in a variety of categories like culture, economy, and politics. With great tools like quizzes, vocabulary lists, and forums, I will learn Uzbek in no time!

After lots of practice with Insta-Class I check out World TV Online and Foreign Text to learn about current events in news and entertainment. The services not only catch me up on important events, they also let me practice reading and listening to my most recent learned language. Plus, now not only will I be able to chat with the locals with my practiced Uzbek skills, but I’ll have something to chat with them about!

I don’t have to buy an expensive plane ticket or carry around any bulky luggage, but I am soon on my way to Uzbekistan through On the Street Videos! My first stop was a local school, where I watched a performance of Twelve Months, a dramatic fable about a place where flowers, mushrooms, and berries grow in the winter. There were a few words in the storyline I was unsure of, but with SCOLA’s convenient mobile apps I was able to quickly look up any words and phrases I was confused about.

With all the new and exciting material available on SCOLA, I was still in the mood to learn more, so my next stop was a guitar lesson with SCOLA provider Askar. Where else can you go on an international vacation and learn how to play a music instrument?

All of this learning has worn me out, but it’s nothing a quick lesson in how to make coffee won’t fix. I follow along as a server at a local restaurant teaches me how to make a cup of coffee…now I’ll have enough energy for my next adventure! Check back next week to see where On the Street Videos takes me next!

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