Time is Running Out!

The SCOLA Facethank youbook page is a place where SCOLA fans from around the world can learn about SCOLA providers, discover the services we offer, and learn recipes, vocabulary, and more from our Country of the Month. Through Facebook we have connected to thousands of people around the world, and just recently we gained our 25,000th fan! We appreciate all the likes, shares, and comments that have been posted to our Facebook page because they help us reach out to others, and teaches us what our audience wants to see. To show our appreciation, SCOLA would like to giveaway one free year of SCOLA services to one lucky person. To enter the contest, visit our Facebook page, and share and comment on the photo we posted thanking our fans for their support. In your comment, tell us how you would utilize SCOLA’s services if you were to win the free year.

SCOLA services are great for independent language learners and for use in foreign language classes.

Do you want to save time preparing foreign language lessons?

Log on to Insta-Class and have access to ready-to-use “instant” multi-media language lessons produced by SCOLA language experts from around the world.

Do you want your students to practice their foreign language skills by practicing with a native speaker?

Log on to Spoken Word, where native speakers are available for face to face conversation practice anytime of the day.

The winner of the contest will also have access for one year to the rest of our SCOLA services:

World TV Online

Specialized Word Video Search

People and Places

On the Street Videos

Foreign Text

International Radio

Language Training Materials

Learning Objects

Mobile Apps

The contest will end Friday, December 20th, at 4:30 p.m. CST, so make sure to visit our Facebook and get your comments in before then!

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