SCOLA Spotlights

At SCOLA, we like to bring our users resources that are interesting and fun, which is why we are excited to introduce SCOLA Spotlights (Coming Soon!) SCOLA Spotlights will be a new feature on the bottom of our home page that highlights different services or companies we think are beneficial to SCOLA subscribers. Each spotlight will have information about the service, an explanation of how it can benefit SCOLA users and a direct link to rianCulturalGardenofCleveland75thAnniversaryLogo12-11-12the website.

Currently, we have two services that will be added to SCOLA Spotlights. The first spotlight will be on the Cleveland Hungarian Cultural Garden. The Cleveland Cultural gardens were established in 1925 as a place where the diverse ethnic communities of Cleveland could present “cultural tributes to their poets, educators, philosophers, scientists and musicians as well as religious and political leaders”.  The intent was to promote good will and fellowship among men and women, to weld harmony among Clevelanders of diverse origins and to foster good citizenship. To learn more about the Hungarian Cultural Garden click here.

The second service that will be featured is logoKnok, a home exchange program for world travelers. The company offers an impressive list of homes around the world, an affordable subscription fee and house swap insurance. Knok gives users the ability to experience the countries they learn so much about with SCOLA.

If you own a company or know of one that you would like to see featured in SCOLA Spotlights please leave your requests in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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