Behind the Scenes: Meet Askar

This month we had Askar, another one of our fantastic providers, sending us material for the July Country of the Month. Since 2007 Askar has done work for SCOLA, including Russian and Uzbek Insta-Class lessons, On The Street Videos, and various promAskarotional videos. Askar takes his work with SCOLA seriously, as you can see by the time and work he puts into the material he sends.

Askar lives in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. He started studying English the last two years in secondary school. In 1994, he enrolled to the Uzbek State World Languages University, where he majored in English translation.

After his graduation Askar worked as a translator in major construction projects translating for English speakers from the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and France.

Askar then worked at BBC Monitoring Central Asian Unit from 2003 to 2006, where he improved his English writing skills. In 2006, Askar began freelancing for translation agencies from Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Askar likes sports, and soccer is his favorite. He also enjoys music and attended a musical school for five years where he learned to play accordion.

Askar’s other interests include green energy development. Since 2006, Askar has been helping a friend promote his scientific invention and a highly-efficient method for deriving energy based on his discovery. Askar helps the inventor translate his work into English. If you’re interested in green energy, Askar asks that you visit their site and familiarize yourself with the inventor, German Treshchalov, and his invention: or

Visit our social media pages to view the information Askar has shared with us for the Country of the Month:

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