Preparing for International Visitors

We are excitedly planning SCOLA’s annual training course for the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI). On August 12, we will welcome visitors from Botswana, Nigeria, Nepal, Tanzania and the Philippines. We will have the opportunity to provide hands-on training courses and show hospitable American culture to international guests for two weeks.

For the past 20 years, USTTI courses at SCOLA have provided great opportunities for exchanging cultures and improving international communication. This year’s training courses will take place each weekday during the two week period at the SCOLA campus in McClelland, Iowa. The training will include hands-on sessions in video transmission, satellite fundamentals, and SCOLA services.

The video transmission training will include sessions in video camera basics, sound and lighting, editing and more. Each session will be taught by various SCOLA staff.

The satellite fundamentals will include information on basic satellite functions, dish pointing, and more. These sessions will also be taught by various SCOLA staff.

The USTTI participants will also attend hands-on sessions for the various language services SCOLA offers. The guests will be taught how to use each service and also gain some experience in sending SCOLA the best possible material for each service. Each session will be ran by the SCOLA employee that manages the service.

The USTTI participants will be taught a lot each day on the SCOLA campus, which is why evenings and weekends will present a more laidback atmosphere. When they are not in their training courses the guests will be enjoying various activities in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska.

The variety of training courses, hands-on sessions, and activities are sure to teach the USTTI participants a lot, while also impressing and interesting them. We look forward to making this the best year yet as we continue preparing for the arrival of our international guests.

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