2013 SCOLA Users Meeting

As many of you know, May is a very busy time of year as we prepare for our 2013 Annual Users Meeting. This year, it will be held Thursday, May 16th, and Friday, May 17th in Omaha, Nebraska and McClelland, IA. The meeting offers a full schedule complete with presentations by language teaching experts and hands-on sessions covering SCOLA’s subscription services and language training resources. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with language professionals, learn what’s new at SCOLA, and, as always, enjoy Midwestern hospitality.

The meeting will kick off on Thursday morning at Omaha’s Downtown Double Tree Hotel. The meeting will kick off with registration and a lunch buffet. After lunch, guests will listen to presentations from the following speakers: Dr. William Rivers, Mr. Lee Martin, Dr. Antonia Schleicher, Mr. Jim Bellas, Mr. Masoud Hashime, Dr. Richard Brecht, Dr. Joyce Baker, Ms. Monique Roske, and SFC. Jason Shelton.

With the conclusion of the presentations we will head to social hour, dinner, and entertainment at the Renaissance Mansion in Omaha, Nebraska. You can learn more about the mansion on their website, http://www.renaissancemansion.com/.

The meeting will continue Friday morning, with a shuttle to take guests to the SCOLA campus in McClelland, IA. Upon arriving at SCOLA, breakfast will be served to prepare attendees for another day of educational presentations. After breakfast the morning will be filled with hands-on sessions pertaining to SCOLA resources and presentations by Ricardo Varquez and John White. The meeting will conclude with lunch in downtown Omaha and presentations by the Honorable Steve King, and Roger P. Lempke.

SCOLA looks forward to hosting the meeting and providing an educational atmosphere for attendees. The Users Meeting is a time for SCOLA users to learn from and network with language professionals,  and understand SCOLA’s mission. We can’t wait to see you there!

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